3 Tips for Matching Your Glasses to Your Outfit

  • BY Lainie Petersen

Spring’s on its way, so it’s time to evaluate your eyewear. Dowdy, mismatched frames will ruin your look, so take the time to coordinate your glasses to your spring wardrobe. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Focus on Accessories

Matching your glasses to your clothing is fine, but you may find it more effective to coordinate your glasses with any accessories you wear, including jewelry, hair accessories and scarves. Don’t worry much about handbags, though, because  you typically won’t wear your purse all day. Instead,  choose frames that pick up colors from your accessories. This can be particularly effective when you accessorize in colors that contrast with those of your garments.

Many people find that metallic frames to be incredibly versatile: Just make sure that you wear gold frames with gold jewelry/accessories and silver with silver. But don’t be afraid to make a statement, though: Brightly colored frames that coordinate with gemstone jewelry, for example, really make a statement.

2. Be Careful of Dark Neutrals

Brown, black, and navy are great neutrals that are often easy to pair with any outfit. But “easy” is no excuse for  “lazy.” For example, wearing a dark, neutral frame with beautiful spring pastels is distracting. Lightening things up a bit with gray, beige or powder blue frames during the warmer months makes a huge difference in your appearance.

3. When in Doubt

Some outfits can be a challenge to accessorize, but there are a few options for making sure that your eyewear doesn’t distract from your clothing.

  • The first option is a pair of tortoiseshell frame glasses that do not have any visible metal parts. The combination of colors in tortoiseshell goes well with most colors, and while your tortoiseshell frames may not be the most exciting pair of glasses you own, they should hold you in good stead throughout the seasons and changing fads.In fact, buying two pairs is a great idea: A light tortoiseshell for spring/summer and a richer, deeper pattern for fall and winter.
  • Rimless glasses incorporate a minimum of hardware, so if you choose a pair with neutral temples, you’ll likely be able to get away with wearing them with most outfits.
  •  Choose a frame that blends well with your skin tone.  Try rose gold for fair skin and shades of bronze, copper or brown for darker skin tones.

Do you have any special tricks for matching your eyewear to your clothes? Let us know about it in the comments!