Trend Alert: 5 Summer Frames You’ll Wear Through Fall

This week we’ve handed over the blog to Zenni intern and optometry student Savanah, who’s sharing the summer eyewear trends she plans to wear straight through fall.


When you think about accessorizing, glasses may not be the first thing that comes to mind. That’s definitely not the case for me.  As a current optometry student, helping patients find their perfect pair of glasses is something that will soon be a daily responsibility for me – and I’m all too familiar what a struggle it can feel like for the person wearing the frames.

I can still picture the gallery of underwhelming frames at my childhood optometry office. Year after year, it seemed like I was continually settling on subpar frames. Today, glasses are becoming more and more of a fashion accessory, and it’s easy to see why. They can showcase your personality, make a bold statement, or elevate your look. So why settle on subpar frames?

Summer’s Eyewear Trends

This summer we’re seeing an array of eyewear trends that include bold pieces and colors, while also paying homage to various retro and classic inspired designs. From oversized and chunky, to light and minimal, I’m sharing my top picks below.

1. Statement Frames

Frame Pictured: /p/womens-acetate-square-eyeglass-frames/44465?skuId=4446535″>SKU# 4446535

With the transition to online work and school, statement frames are the perfect way to convey your personality via Zoom. My pick covers all of the bases for what I’m looking for – big, chunky, and eye-catching. I use this funky frame as my blue light blocking glasses and their boldness helps me stand out among my classmates.

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2. Translucent Frames

Frame Pictured: /p/square-eyeglass-frames/78168?skuId=7816823″>SKU# 7816823

Clear and slightly hued translucent frames are once again a big trend in eyewear. I picked a square, mixed material frame that complements my oval face shape. The matte finish and gold temple makes them unique in comparison to other translucent frames that I’ve seen. At the same time, their versatility makes them easy to pair with any outfit in my closet.

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3. Ombre & Two-Toned Frames

Frame Pictured: /p/acetate-round-eyeglass-frames/44224?skuId=4422424″>SKU# 4422424

Ombre and two-toned frames are an easy way to incorporate a little more fun into your eyewear wardrobe. I’ve stuck with neutral colors for my pick. The brown earth tones and subtle light green make the frame visually interesting, yet still allows me to maintain a professional look when I’m working in the clinic.

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4. Retro-Inspired Frames

Frame Pictured: /p/plastic-fashion-full-rim-frame/2329?skuId=232915″>SKU# 232915

We are seeing similar throwback trends in fashion and decor, which embrace the many beloved styles from the 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s. My retro picks is an aviator frame with a classic unisex silhouette. The psychedelic orange gives a nod to the 60’s, while the semi-translucent plastic material adds a modern touch.

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5. Mixed Material Frames

Frame Pictured: /p/browline-eyeglass-frames/1954?skuId=195425″>SKU# 195425

Mixed material frames are both eye-catching and functional. The mix of metal and plastic lend to durability and comfort, and help keep the frames lightweight. My pick for this trend is a browline tortoiseshell. I especially love how easy they are to style. Whether I’m running to a job interview or going for a casual night out in the city, this frame fits any occasion.

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