Affordable Pop Culture Costumes for Halloween!

  • BY Lainie Petersen

Are you looking to wow friends with a pop culture costume this year? Read on. We’ve got some remarkably affordable ideas for you! All of these costumes are $100 or less and many are in the $50 range.
Note: You can still wear the recommended Zennis even if you don’t normally wear glasses. All of our frames can be ordered with optical quality, non-prescription lenses!

The Wolf of Wall Street’s Donny Azoff – $100.07


If you are a fan of The Wolf Of Wall Street, dressing up as Donny Azoff ought to be a great deal of fun, particularly with all those bright colors that he wears. Here’s what you need to get this look:
Purple Gradient Tint Wayfarers
Frame #303623 with Purple Gradient Tint – $33.90
Get started with these glasses with clear front rims and silver-ornamented purple temple arms, and add a purple gradient tint to help re-create the Donny Azoff look.


Salmon Color Men’s Sweater
Coral Cotton Jumper from TM Lewis – $25
Looking for intense color? Here it is. This salmon colored sweater will also serve you well on your next trip to Miami.

Big Fake Teeth
Mega Bucks Adult Buck Teeth – $12.95
All those years wearing braces and now you have to buy fake bad teeth. Poor you.

Curly Haired Wig
Auburn wig for men from Deal Extreme – $10.47
You may not need a curly wig, but if you do, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it.

Green Striped Shirt
Green/Khaki Stripe Shirt from Full Source – $17.75
Green and pink are such a shocking color combo for a shirt. Pair this with your sweater and you’ll definitely stand out on Halloween, the one night where standing out for blinding color schemes is a good thing.


Scooby Doo’s Velma – $84.63

Go solve a caper, you meddling kid! All you have to is dress up like our favorite character from Scooby Doo – Velma! Here’s what you’ll need:
Black Rimmed Glasses
Frame #612921 – $25.95
These no-nonsense black wayfarers are a perfect way to set the tone for this classic costume!


Orange Turtleneck
Wickers Long Turtleneck – $14.95
Nothing says, “science-friendly, crime fighting detective” quite like a baggy orange turtleneck. Make sure to order it one size too big for you if you really want to pull off the look!

Red Pleated Skirt
Circle Skirt – $17.95
A true detective (no, not the Woody Harrelson type!) needs to have good mobility on the job. Skinny jeans just aren’t gonna cut it. For that reason, Velma always opted for a flowing red pleated skirt like this one!

Bob Hair Wig
Brown Bob Wig – $9.99
In case you don’t always rock a flapper-style hairdo, we’ve found this snazzy Bob Hair Wig from that will do the job perfectly.

Red Slippers
Mary Jane Cotton China Doll Slippers (Red) – $7.99
What’s great about these red slippers is that they can be repurposed for your Dorothy costume next year! There’s no place like sitting in your closet for 364 days until next Halloween!

Orange Tube Socks
Dark Orange Casual Knee Socks – $7.80
What a skirt adds in mobility, it takes away in warmth. For that reason Velma always sported tasteful, bright orange knee-high tube socks like these. Keep it classy.


Orange is the New Black’s Alex Vause – total $56.09


Prison fashion isn’t exactly stylish, but it is functional, which is why you’ll probably want to hang on to much of this costume long after Halloween.
Black wayfarers
Frame #619021 – $19
Simple and straightforward: Wear these black wayfarers on Halloween and then straight through fall and winter. There is no eyeglass style that’s more of a classic than this one.


Khaki V-neck work shirt
V-neck khaki scrub from Dickies – $10.99
Simple, functional and easy to care for, this is a nifty scrub top to have on hand after Halloween: If you don’t work in the medical field, wear it when scrubbing your kitchen or bathroom.

Khaki Pants
Khaki skinny pants from Justice – $20.59
Flattering and comfortable, these khakis have plenty of pockets for all your Halloween candy. Wear them for casual days out on the town, or even around the house during the rest of the year.


Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tribal from Tattoo Sales – $.74
Rose temp tattoo from Funtoos – $4.29
Alex likes her tats and they certainly add color to an otherwise bland wardrobe. You could, we suppose, get inked for the holiday, but that’s a pretty big commitment. Check out these temporary tattoos instead.

Badge Holder
4×3 plastic badge holder from Specialist ID – $.48
You may have one of these lying around if you’ve recently been to a convention or conference. If not, now you know where to get your prison ID holder.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White — $43.98

There are few TV characters more iconic than Walter White and, fortunately, getting his look is both easy and inexpensive. You’ll also be well-equipped for any post-holiday science experiments that you wish to conduct:
Rectangle Frames
Frame #3132111 – $23.95
Walter is a practical fellow who wears practical glasses. These titanium full-rims from Zenni are just that: Practical. Keep ’em as a spare pair. Or not. They’ll work great with this costume.


Gas mask
Chemical Gas Mask from Temple Shirts – $14.99
The government recommends keeping an emergency kit of food, water and other essential supplies in case of a natural disaster or other disruption. This gas mask will make a handy addition to your kit.

Fake Blue Crystal Meth
1lb Blue Rock Candy from Nuts In Bulk – $5.95
Naturally you don’t want to carry the real thing – glass pebbles are heavy and cat litter crystals are just kind of weird. Fortunately, blue raspberry rock candy is lightweight, perfectly street legal and tasty as all heck. Enjoy!

Yellow Jumpsuit
Chemical protection suit from 365-Safety – $8.79
Bonus: You can recycle this jumpsuit into your Big Bird costume for next Halloween.