A Golfer’s Guide to the Best Sunglasses

  • BY Matt Souza

sunglasses for golfing

As a golfer, you know success in the game is often about paying attention to the details. So before you hit the links, don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right eyewear.

Consider these questions in your quest for the best golfing sunglasses:

  • How light should the frame material be?
  • Do they come with anti-slip nose pads?
  • What lens color provides better depth perception for reading putting greens?

And let’s not forget about style.

Just because you have prescription lenses doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same trendy, sleek-looking shades the pros wear!

The following shades offer unique blends of practicality and style for days spent on the green. Each set of frames and lenses gives you enhanced vision that takes your game to the next level…without sacrificing looks.

The Driver

golfing sunglasses
Golf is about precision and athleticism. These flexible and light frames demonstrate both, while the silicone saddle nose bridge provides an extra layer of comfort and improves stability.

As far as lenses go, polycarbonate materials are the must-have for impact resistance (especially if you’re prone to dropping your glasses) and injury prevention for the eyes Meanwhile, the addition of a brown tint to polarized lenses cuts glare and allows you a better read of the course.

The 9 Iron

best golf sunglasses

Wide and agile, these frames are perfect for any course, whether you’re playing the woods, lakes, or in the open sun. The curved temples add comfort and increase support.

To enjoy superior vision on and off the golf course, we advise coupling these frames with impact resistant polycarbonate, photochromic lenses that darken in sunlight and lighten up indoors.

The Putter

sunglasses for golf

Frames made with a lightweight material are vital for achieving a distraction-free performance on the golf course. Employing an aerodynamic and all-black design, these frames prevent slippage and match nicely with almost any golfing outfit.

Impact-resistant Trivex® lenses deliver superior visual clarity, possess superior durability, and are compatible with most protective treatments. We recommend adding a oleophobic anti-reflective coating to resist water and oils; an important feature to help watch the flight of your ball, especially on hot and sweaty days.

Regardless of your skill level, it’s all about feeling comfortable and being able to accurately read the course. To get the most out of golf sunglasses and take your game to the next level, consult with your optometrist to find out what type of frame and lenses best fit your needs.

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