Can Wearing Shades Improve Your Mood?

  • BY Lainie Petersen

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know that wearing sunglasses is an important eye health strategy: Sunglasses protect your eyes from bright sunlight and UV radiation, partially protecting you against eye strain and even ocular melanoma. But now there is additional evidence supporting sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses just might improve your mood.

Bright Light, Bright Light!

We all know the feeling of walking outside and getting hit by blinding sunshine. While our eyes may eventually adjust, bright light contributes to their irritation. In addition, we often respond to bright light by tensing our facial muscles, causing us to grimace.

Interestingly, a recent study showed that there may be more of a connection between our facial expression and our emotions that we might have realized: Participants in the study indicated that when walking toward the sun, they experienced higher levels of aggression and anger than participants walking with their back to the sun, or those wearing sunglasses.

Why the anger and aggression? There is some evidence that assuming specific facial expressions or body postures can bring about a corresponding emotion. There is also the possibility that eye irritation and facial muscle tension is itself uncomfortable, which can make a person irritable and less happy.

Other Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Of course, eye doctors have long recommended wearing sunglasses, and not just for mood improvement. Sunglasses reduce eye strain and protect the eyes from UV damage. In addition, larger sunglasses can protect the area around the eye from sun damage as well, reducing signs of aging.

You are also likely to be friendlier looking and just more attractive if you aren’t wincing at the sun.

Zenni Sunglass Options

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