Get the Coachella Look with Zenni’s Festival Dupe Frames

Get the Coachella Look with Zenni's Festival Dupe Frames

Photo by Jonathan Borba 

Coachella, the annual music and arts festival in California, isn’t just about the music—it’s also a fashion extravaganza where celebrities and festival-goers alike showcase their trendiest looks. One of the standout accessories at Coachella is eyewear, and this year, Zenni has you covered with our festival dupe frames that will have you looking like a star. Let’s explore how celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Travis Kelce, and Barry Keoghan effortlessly showcased their Coachella styles, and discover how you can mirror their looks using Zenni’s fashionable dupe frames.

Emma Roberts: Effortless Boho Chic

Get the Coachella Look with Zenni's Festival Dupe Frames

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Emma Roberts, a celebrated actress, turned heads at Coachella with her distinctive fashion sense, particularly her choice of white oval frames. Known for her versatility on screen, Emma’s presence at the festival added a touch of star-studded glamor. Emulate her iconic Coachella vibes by opting for a similar style of sunglasses, exuding confidence and flair just like Emma.

Travis Kelce: Sporty and Stylish

Get the Coachella Look with Zenni's Festival Dupe Frames

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Travis Kelce, a notable NFL star, caught the spotlight at Coachella with his standout style, notably sporting a pair of aviator frames. Known for his athleticism on the field, Travis showcased his fashion sense at the festival, elevating his look with these iconic frames. Embrace Travis’s Coachella vibes by incorporating a similar style of sunglasses into your wardrobe, exuding confidence and coolness just like him.

Barry Keoghan: Edgy and Cool

Get the Coachella Look with Zenni's Festival Dupe Frames

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for CELSIUS Energy 

Barry Keoghan, a prominent actor, made a bold statement at Coachella with his distinct fashion choices, notably donning a pair of black square frames. Renowned for his captivating performances on screen, Barry brought his unique style to the festival, adding an air of sophistication with these sleek frames. Emulate Barry’s Coachella vibes by integrating a similar style of sunglasses into your ensemble, exuding charisma just like him.

Get the Coachella Look with Zenni

Whether you’re dancing in the desert or soaking up the sun at your favorite music festival, Zenni’s festival frames are the perfect accessory to elevate your Coachella look. With styles inspired by celebrities like Emma Roberts, Travis Kelce, and Barry Keoghan, you can rock the latest trends without breaking the bank. So go ahead, channel your inner celebrity and get ready to turn heads with Zenni’s dupe frames.

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