Compliment Your Color Style With Glasses

  • BY Matt Souza

So, you’ve heard about pairing complementary colors when planning your outfits, but maybe you’re not sure which colors go with which. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy! It all goes back to elementary school art class—remember the color wheel?

Color Wheel

The color wheel was that big rainbow wheel where all the colors were represented, and each had a “complementary” color directly across from it. Use the wheel and the opposite colors to plan your new favorite look. As Cosmopolitan magazine says, “Just because they’re on different sides doesn’t mean they don’t go together in an ensemble.”


Styling by Yoseline Cabrera

As you can see with the styling of our two models, we went to the color wheel and the looks turned out amazing. Here we paired navy with its color mate, orange. The navy pants with an orange top and orange optical frames is an attention- grabbing, not- taking- any- prisoners look.

As with many of our glasses, the same look could be achieved with the frames as sunglasses.


Styling by Yoseline Cabrera

If you are anything like me, you might associate red and green with a certain winter holiday, but you can’t argue with the color wheel. See how great this outfit looks with these fun green frames?. In this case we took Cosmopolitan’s other color suggestion: wear contrasting colors but mix the tones, such as . bright red with a more pastel green. By doing this, you don’t get holiday at all, just cool girl style.

What Zenni frames are you looking at the color wheel for your next outfit inspo? Let us know in the comments!