Eye Facts: Reading Glasses And Aging

  • BY Ryan

The realization of a need for reading glasses usually kicks in when the smaller print we’ve been seeing no problem, such as the small font used at the bottom of a grocery coupon or on a bottle of over-the-counter headache medication, suddenly seems to be impossible to read.

As we age, our eyes just can’t focus as well as they used to on close up objects. The tech term is presbyopia which comes from the Greek words “ops” for eyes and “presbys” for elder. Here are some interesting facts on presbyopia and aging, followed by some suggestions for Zenni reading glasses that are both stylish and sensible:

old person reading glasses

* Scientists are as yet unable to fully explain the exact reasons why presbyopia is likely to occur during the natural aging process. Research suggests that it may be a result of reduced elasticity in the lenses of the eyes — and we know this certainly happens to aging skin.

*Although presbyopia, and the need for reading glasses, happens most commonly between ages 40 – 50, the fact is that even by age 25, many of us are experiencing a decline in our vision of objects up close. This may just involve not being able to see the objects or small print in a dim light when before, as a child or young adult, we could see these things in any kind of lighting.

*Symptoms of eye strain, such as headaches and/or sore eyes, while doing close up activities such as reading, needlework, repair work or puzzles, may be a sign of worsening presbyopia that requires reading glasses. Since eye strain is caused by the eyes having to work harder to focus and reading glasses provide better vision to aid the eyes in focusing, many people find headaches and soreness in the eyes to be either greatly reduced or no longer present by wearing these glasses.

*Studies show that people whose work involves close up tasks, such as factory inspectors and jewelry makers just to name two, tend to go to their eye doctor about reduced near vision sooner that those who are not employed in these sorts of fields. The best thing to do is not to wait at all though, since why suffer from eyestrain if a pair of reading glasses  is going to solve the problem? This is most likely why most people do eventually face their presbyopia and why reading glasses remain so popular in our aging population!

What To Look For When Selecting Reading Glasses


Lightweight Construction

Choose lightweight metal or plastic reading glasses. If you have metal allergies, go with hypoallergenic metal frames.

Adjustable Nose Pads

Look for reading glasses with adjustable silicone nose pads since they are best for helping to prevent eyewear from slipping. Many people read with their heads lowered or in a reclining position, so having glasses that don’t slip is essential.

Comfortable Fit

Be sure to consider your face size and the frame size. Zenni’s frames are identified in the online catalog on a scale of small to large fitting. If you have a large face and pick a frame that is too small, or have a small face and opt for a large frame for your reading glasses, this may weaken the effect of the vision correction properities and cause eyestrain. Take the time to select the correct frame size for your face. (To check out Zenni’s large selection of glasses that you may want to order as reading glasses, just click on any of our suggestion models below to access the online catalog.)


Look for Zenni’s great features such spring hinge closures, metal for strength and flexible plastic for “give.” These really add up to durable reading glasses — especially if you tend to fall asleep while reading. You don’t want to wake up to find a pair of mangled glasses!


Pick a pair of reading glasses that thrill you to wear and you’ll most likely remember to always put them on when scouring the newspaper or turning the pages of the latest bestseller.¬† If you need a pair of reading glasses for work, consider getting two pairs — one for home and one for the office.

Great Zenni Custom Reading Glasses Ideas:

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