Frame Friday Round-Up: “End Of Summer Cool”

  • BY Dave Schreiner

White is still in, and it looks to be staying that way despite Labor Day traditions. Popular convention has already abandoned the argument that white is exclusively a “Summer color” and thus shouldn’t be worn after Labor Day, the end of Summer. And this is a great thing for you, with all the awesome new glasses we’ve got featuring white and other light, summery colors.

White is popular because it looks crisp and clean, and combines sophistication and playfulness. Consider both plain white glasses in a number of shapes and levels opacity, and fun options that combine white with another color to create dramatic contrast. The latter is especially powerful if you choose frames with unique details or features that the contrast accents, making the glasses even more striking on your face.


Whereas bright colors were once considered a faux paux once we reached the beginnings of Fall, now they are an appreciated way to splash fun and life into your outfit even when the weather won’t cooperate. Labor Day may actually be the perfect time to unveil these glasses, at least if you’re looking for something novel to wear for an end-of-season party.

Of course, for those of you who do wish to adhere to the tradition of doffing white after Labor Day, a number of our beautiful and functional frames offer more muted takes on color as well as down right wintery shades (for your shades). Just don’t forget that when Fall colors fade and Winter’s got you down, you can always try a pair of crisp, white glasses to brighten up your face.