“Frame Friday” Round Up: Warm Weather, Full-Rimmed Fashion

  • BY Dave Schreiner

With winter finally on its way out, your mind must be on what that warm weather means for you and your eyes. Spring may have just begun, but we know warmer weather is coming. That means more comfortable clothes, more time outdoors, and no need to walk around with your face buried in your scarf. Pick your head up and make eye contact. There’s no telling what you might see. And as long as you’re flashing the window into your soul, you should take the time to accent your most captivating feature with full-rims, the perfect accessory for the season.

We’re looking at full-rim frame glasses in this “Frame Friday” becauase they are unmatched in their ability to draw every eye to yours. They add that extra spark of fun energy that lets you say 1,000 words with a glance. And best of all, it seems fashion trends have fully embraced the style of a healthy pair of rims.

It should come as no surprise that these kinds of “nerdy” frames are among the most popular options for the pending summer. With big lenses and plenty of character, they make a clear statement. But if you really want to embrace the warmth and vigor of spending time outdoors, you want something with a bit of interesting color.

I suppose some people don’t immediately associate summer with weekend fairs and outdoor seating. But that doesn’t make retro styling reminiscent of Eartha Kit any less appealing. Nothing subtly suggests “I’m ready to quietly but fully appreciate this warmer world and look really good in a convertible” like sharp, dynamic eye wear.

If you’re preparing to head to the outdoors, perhaps for some early season camping or other active experiences, you can still embrace the kind of fashion that makes your face shine. Who doesn’t want glasses that look awesome when they’re embracing their rugged side and when they’re running out for coffee with a friend?

Along with shedding coats and getting fit, add picking up a pair of full-rim glasses to your “To-Do List” so you can make your eyes pop with the energy that warmer weather makes everyone feel. You can’t beat their classic, fashion-forward style and color, no matter how you enjoy the departure of winter.