“Frame Friday” Round Up: Happy Cinco De Mayo

  • BY Zenni Optical

¡Hola! In this edition of “Friday Frame” Round Up, Zenni would like to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo! Luckily, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to gather with your friends and celebrate with chips and guacamole…and possibly a margarita. Why not also celebrate by getting a new pair of glasses (un par de gafas) that are muy cliente? Zenni offers a wide range of styles. It’s definitely possible to find a pair of glasses that will have you guys looking muy guapo and women looking muy bonita all for a reasonable price.





Zenni also offers glasses in all sorts of colors. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, pick up a pair of glasses with red (rojo) or green (verde) frames. Whether you’re in the mood for a darker, more sophisticated shade or a bold, brighter shade of red or green, Zenni is here to help. Head on over to the Zenni website to check it out. Muchas gracias.