“Frame Friday” Round Up: Helping Hip Parents

  • BY Dave Schreiner

In your heart you’re the same cool kid you’ve always been, turning heads and stealing laughs with your witty repartee. But children sure can take the wind out of your sails. Not only does looking put-together take time you don’t have as a parent, you need your glasses to stand up to a new level of abuse. What is a young new parent to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this edition of “Frame Friday.” With our full frames, you’ll be back in fighting shape in no time, looking great in rims that can take a beating.

The secret is that all our newest full-rim frames offer a unique combination of style – they embrace contemporary interpretations of retro shapes and thickness, updating the lines to refine the overall effect, emphasized by on-trend colors that draw attention to your face. These shapes and colors – it’s like a match … or six… made in heaven.

There’s a reason those makeover shows focus on hair and makeup; your face has a disproportionate impact on how people perceive your appearance. That’s why the right frames (cough cough, see above and below for six perfect examples) can do wonders for your cool factor. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll actually be cooler in our glasses. People who look at you will certainly think you look cool, with your new frames that sport trendy colors and a timeless shape. And when you know they won’t break the first time your kid throws them on the ground, you can stop worrying about your glasses and focus on the rest of your life.

Once you’re feeling confident because of the awesome new specs riding your face, you’ll be in a better place to complete that makeover below the neck and start getting in shape for summer clothes. Either way, it’s time to put away those fragile rims, upgrade your sleepy, super practical frames, and get a pair of full-rim frame glasses. You were born to turn heads, and we’ll help you get back to that.