“Frame Friday” Roundup: Compliment Day

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Did you know that January 24 is National Compliment Day? Interesting, right? Whether you actually made a New Year’s Resolution to be nicer to people who deserve it or you’re just looking to help someone else find a way to satisfy their complimentary duty, these new glasses are a perfect start.

The thing about the end of January is it’s kinda the first doldrums period of the year. Two weeks until the rush of Valentine’s Day, The Grammy’s, and the Super Bowl, and still in the heart of winter. Take a look at the east coast for more on the hear of winter…. This makes it a great time to do two things: try and spend more time on yourself so you look awesome and feel good about it, and acknowledge others when they do the same.

So why not check out a new pair of glasses? Whether your taste is modern, trendy, classic, traditional, hipster, or something else, the right frames will not only help you look better and feel good about that look; they will also alert others to the fact that despite the doldrums, you’re still invested. And if a clean pair of lenses helps ¬†you see just a bit better so you can spread the love with some late January compliments, all the better.

Some of these obscure holidays are random and useless. But National Compliment Day is the perfect excuse to be just a bit nicer and take the time to tell someone something you like about them. And if they don’t have a hot new pair of glasses from Zenni, well then you could double up on good deeds and send them here!