“Frame Friday” Roundup: Back to School

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Getting ready for the school year is exciting and sad. The end of summer also means back to school shopping (I can’t say back to school without thinking of that Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison) and all the fun sales and new school supplies every kid loves. This goes doubly for new glasses, which are a perfect way to help your child start the school year off right, looking good and finding it easy to focus.

What happens when you outfit your child not just in new clothes and supply them with more than just the pencils, paper, and books they need to meet class expectation? In other words, what’s the advantage of upgrading something as simple as their glasses? It’s easy to see. Give them glasses that fit well, are durable, sit right on their face, and look cool so they love wearing them, and they will find seeing and focusing easier. And that’s a dream come true not just for you but for their teachers.

Of course, it will also make you feel good as a parent to see your kid walking out the door looking clean and well cared-for in their new school clothes and perfect glasses. But the biggest joy you’ll get is the smile you see on their face every morning when they look at themselves in the mirror and see their cool new glasses.

After all, as long as the glasses are doing their job and everyone thinks they look great, you’re a hero. Good work, hero parent.

So take advantage of this back to school season to suit your child up in a new pair of glasses. Just don’t forget to thank me with their personalized rocket scientist stationary in a few years.