“Frame Friday” Roundup: Choose Your Spirit Animal

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Glasses can say a lot about a person. Your next pair should work even harder, but that can only happen if you know your spirit animal. The idea started as a bit of a joke, except for those “mystical” type people who take such totemic beliefs seriously. But when enough people made a joke about it, the idea of a spirit animal became less ironic and more just a decent metaphor for who you are and who you want to be. And this week’s selection of frames from Zenni is designed to help you channel your spirit animal.

You can actually read a lot of advice, some practical and some less so, about how to find your spirit animal. But if you’re really interested, you’ll be motivated enough for some decent research and soul searching, which is more than enough. The relevant question is why you’d want a spirit animal. For some people, it helps them find direction and have a sort of compass or reference point. Others just like the idea of thinking about their similarities to a specific animal, perhaps paying closer attention to their “animal side.” But if you’re thinking about these glasses, ¬†you probably are interested in the fashion options your spirit animal affords.

The first two sets of glasses strike me as snow leopard and chameleon, but it’s open to a bit of interpretation. When you look at bold gold and black of the middle pair, I just think lion, king of the jungle, while the subtle brown stripes of the frame on the right are more like a gazelle, or maybe one of the quieter monkeys.

These last two are up to you. Some kind of bird and maybe a boar or a bear on the right? I don’t know how they strike you, but one thing is obvious when you look at these frames and think about strutting out of the house in one of them. Once you know your spirit animal and really believe in it, you won’t be able to find a better, more subtle every-day accessory to channel that feeling.