“Frame Friday” Roundup: Clear Lenses on Vacation

  • BY Dave Schreiner

In just a few days, hundreds of thousands of people will begin taking flights to visit family across the country and the world. Whether because they celebrate the Christmas holidays or because they are enjoying a much needed break from school and work for the season, they will be swiftly winging their way away from their current home, often returning ‘home.” And many of them are travelling with glasses that will end up getting dirtied by grubby little fingers and delicious meals.

Keeping glasses clean may seem like a trivial necessity, but it’s important for most people because of the annoyance of a greasy lenses and because dirty lenses lead to squinting and other unconscious habits that are bad for your vision.

It’s even more important when you’re travelling because you have fewer options. You can only use what you bring with you; you can’t buy a replacement pair if you accidently trip because they got too dirty and then step on them after they fall off, because you won’t have time to find someone to measure your prescription and then complete your order over your short trip; and you want to be able to see your family’s smiling faces in perfect clarity.

The best strategy is simple. Invest in a few basic glasses cleaning kits. They come with a incredibly soft cleaning cloth and a small vial of cleaning spray. That’s really all it takes. But most people just rely on their shirts, which are much harsher than a microfiber cloth and will scratch the lens, experiencing the adverse effects of incomplete cleaning as a result.

Before you head out for your awesome holiday trip, take a few pieces of advice from Zenni Optical and Frame Friday. First, treat yourself with a super affordable pair of stylish new glasses such as those above, and second, be prepared for the dirt that comes from family by packing a few cleaning kits. It’s a simple thing that offers big rewards you’ll enjoy for the entire vacation.