“Frame Friday the 13th” Roundup: Come to the Dark Side

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Dark Glasses. Rivers Cuomo Wears them, Maverick wore them in Top Gun, and you can’t walk two blocks without seeing them on a person between the ages of 10 and 50. With fall just around the corner, (and perfectly timed for the unluckiest of Friday the 13ths) there’s no better fashion statement than a dark pair of glasses. Although these aren’t your ZZ Top-variety “dark sunglasses,” they have all the versatility and charisma, just without the risk of a squirrel-infested beard.

You can’t beat a classic. Simple, elegant, and powerful, these straight-black frames go with anything, regardless of your sense of style. If you want to pick up something a little darker to get ready for fall and winter, try simplifying.

A splash of grey changes everything and nothing. You still get the solidity of a hard black finish that takes advantage of all the reasons black is fashion’s favorite color, but demonstrate a little more panache and style – maybe even sophistication. Yet grey is still reserved, appropriate for the season, and fitting on even the most mature faces.

And for those of you who can’t resist a little color and flash, there are still a number of sleek frames full of subtlety and style. A purple so dark it’s black, a bit of embellishment at the temples, simple things like this are all it takes to take your black glasses to the next level of style.

The dark side really isn’t so bad. They dress better on this side for one, and we know how to embrace an unlucky holiday for another. So try some dark sunglasses, thanks to Zenni and a timely black Frame Friday the 13th.