“Frame Friday” Roundup: Discover Fall Colors

  • BY Dave Schreiner

This Monday October 14 is Columbus day. We celebrate the arrival of Genoan (present-day Italian) explorer Cristoforo Colombo to the North American continent, an event that eventually led to the founding of the United States. Whether or not you like to think of it as the “discovery of the new world,” it’s a great time for you to embark on a journey of discovery of a different variety – for colorful new glasses.

In some places they have big Columbus Day parades or events that host historical exhibits about that fateful voyage from Spain. For you and your glasses needs, it’s the perfect occasion to explore a wider range of of interesting colors and frames. We offer a very interesting selection for your exploration this Frame Friday, including bigger frames, retro-inspired shapes, and an exciting range of colors from gold to peach to purple. Not only do these make it easier to dress up your face this fall, they are perfect for enjoying a weekend parade or event with your family.

So how do you know which shapes are worth trying to explore the best frames for your face? It depends on if you have the adventuring spirit of Christopher Columbus. Narrower, rectangle and oval-shaped frames are not a significant departure from the safest glasses and frames, so you can be sure that even if these aren’t the best frames for your face, they will still look OK, giving you a chance to be more experimental with colors. On the other hand, large, chunky, square and circle frames work best for very specific faces. For example, large, angular frames are better for those with bold features and round faces. When you find the right kinds of frames for your face, you know what characteristics are the best for experimentation.

Our goal for this Christopher Columbus holiday is to encourage readers to embrace the spirit of exploration and experimenting. If you break out of your comfort zone and consider glasses with frame shapes and colors that you wouldn’t typically prefer, you might just have an epiphany moment that feels as exciting as Columbus’ accidental arrival on the North American continent.