“Frame Friday” Roundup: Fall Fashion Incoming

  • BY Dave Schreiner

September brings with it the first notes of fall, and early fall fashion is fun for everybody. Dressing professionally is more comfortable and kids have as many options as they want for freedom of movement and style. If you look to fall fashion for a chance to revamp your wardrobe and jump on the latest trends, these glasses and frames from Zenni will not disappoint.

This season has really embraced 1990s style at a new level, with cutoff shirts, flannel, striped pants, and tons of denim. For those of you who don’t live on the cutting edge of trends, you can still stay up to date with glasses like these, offering a Laura Ashley-esque level of innocent color and patterns as well as a lack of the irony that has come to define recent fashion.

Or if you are more interested in the interesting new accessories that have gotten much larger and louder, full of metal, stones, and other materials, you might prefer something simple to accent those pieces. Solid, thick plastic, retro thin metal, and all understated, these two frames are incredibly versatile while still fitting in with the styles and color schemes dominating this season’s fashion.

Something about these purple glasses seems very Empire Records, and that movie basically defined early 1990s style. These are two great options if you want your frames to add a subtle bit of flair to your face that matches trendy print bags and all the leather showing up in men’s and women’s clothing.

If you find the transition to fall fashion exciting and enjoy the dynamic options that cooler weather makes possible, you should consider a flattering new pair of glasses from Zenni. Your face deserves just as much trendy action as the rest of you!