“Frame Friday” Roundup: Getting Hot for the Dog Days of August

  • BY Dave Schreiner

As Summer draws on, we’re approaching what are, for many, the longest days of the season. Dealing with the muggy heat and storms that plague most of the country is as simple as keeping a cool outlook and balancing it with some hot new glasses. Your ability to relax, not sweat the small stuff, and enjoy what Summer has to offer increases a great deal when you look good and know it.

The best way to do that is with style, and I mean serious style. Save your granny glasses for Wednesday night bridge club meetings and try one of these colorful, eye-catching frames if you want to add fun, excitement, and class to your ensemble. What’s more, it means a change of pace, which is especially welcome when you wish nothing more than to experience the first cool breeze of Autumn.

And how do you know these looks will be cool enough to help you spice up your look? Well that’s up to you. But consider the innovative lines that combine the ticker rims hipsters have made popular, the elongated outer edges that suggest retro glasses from the 1960’s, and exciting colors. This smooth melding of old and new defines the cutting edge of fashion, however humble the result might be.

Don’t let the nearing end of summer get you down, whether it’s the dog days of August or the end of vacation looming. With frames and glasses from Zenni optical, you can find just the right accessory to brighten your days.