“Frame Friday” Roundup: Is It Beach Time Yet?

  • BY Dave Schreiner

This week’s deluges mean that real summer is just around the corner. The weather is getting hotter, and for some of us, muggier, teasing us with the promise of gorgeous days that make you want to pack a bag for the beach, spread a picnic blanket at the park or take to the woods. That means it’s time to get your glasses in order; no more waiting around because summer is here!

You don’t just want to dust off your worn out old shades. You want your face to shine, and you want to really appreciate the beauty that the world come-alive has to offer. That’s what our glasses do, and this Frame Friday is dedicated to the frames and lenses that are perfect if you’re looking to spruce up your ensemble and make sure you don’t miss a chance to stop and see – as well as smell – those new roses.

Color is the name of the game, and these dynamic, functional frames give you just the right amount of style. A splash of color that you will be happy to wear to the office and important meetings, exciting frames that are still fun enough for a weekend, and comfort that will leave you happy with your new frames no matter what your doing – summer is the time to try and have it all, and these colorful glasses deliver.

It might not actually be time to head to the beach, but that shouldn’t stop you. You have just enough time to find the right pair of glasses and get your style up to speed with the warmth and fun of the season. If you want every-day glasses that look awesome, are appropriate for professional and casual occasions, and really hope to enjoy some summer sun at the beach, Frame Friday has got you covered this week.