“Frame Friday” Roundup: Kind of Blue (and Grey)

  • BY Dave Schreiner

If winter is the season for black, then fall is the perfect time for blue and grey. This week’s selection of glasses offers you the ideal range style and dynamism without straying from muted colors. They’re perfect if you tend to feel a little bummed about the end of the outdoor season. You’ll look great in colors that reflect your mood.

Why blue and grey? Aside from the not-so-subtle references to Miles Davis and the obvious emotional metaphors that parallel the changing of the seasons, they are incredibly attractive colors. Grey is similar to black in that it’s versatile and always slightly in style, and with the right embellishments, can be very fashionable.

These colors and patterns also work well with a range of styles. So even if you have no interest in wearing different frames depending on the season, you can still pick up a timely pair now and then continue to use them year round. Regardless of your tastes or style they will match something in your outfit so you can keep your face looking fit and attractive while staying as focused or unconcerned with trends as you want.

Blue is not quite as do-everything as grey, but these reserved rims are both hip and versatile. They don’t stand out as much as bolder blues, but with the contemporary lines of the frames and their allusion to more on-trend tones, nobody will think them passe.


If you’re feeling blue or grey, whether because you’re down about the change of seasons or are just excited about this color palette, this selection of blue and grey glasses and frames may be just the thing for you. Look good, feel great, and wear your new glasses for years to come thanks to Zenni and Frame Friday.