“Frame Friday” Roundup: Lines and Colors

  • BY Dave Schreiner

What is up with all these thick glasses that seem to be part throwback to the horn-rimmed frames of the 1950s? They integrate long, flat or nearly-flat and angular lines and nothing looks quite familiar. As with most fashion right now, these glasses are a play on retro, but with modern angles. Everything from the color to the shape is influenced in part by 80s or older style, and partly by post modern themes. And just in time to help you embrace them for summer, we’ve got a batch of colorful and inspired glasses that make it easy to splash contemporary style and fun.

These first two are slightly thinner than the rest, both in terms of offering shorter lens height and less plastic in the frames, but they also offer some of the straightest lines you’ll see in glasses. In some ways these glasses are the least risky because they aren’t breaking any molds. You can enjoy the color, the minor variations with the half frame, and the comfortable durability they offer without making waves.

On the other hand, if you do want to rock the boat a bit, these are your best options. More plastic, slightly less angular lines, and an explosion of color ensure that you’re always going to look like fun, at least from your face. These glasses might be the best “summer” frames because they are lightweight and clearly go with a brighter color palette for your seasonal wardrobe.

Lastly you have what are, surprisingly, probably the safest on-trend frames you’ll see anywhere. They are a refined take on “hipster” frames, which are all of them plays on the classic, Ray-Ban-inspired styles borrowed ironically from movies like Top Gun. They show that know what is trendy, but you don’t mind wearing something that is comfortable and established, albeit with a splash of personal color.

All of these glasses and frames offer you the ability to spice up your summer with dynamic, stylish lines, angles, and colors. It’s a great way to add a little fun to your life, every day.