“Frame Friday” Roundup: Long-lasting Frames

  • BY Dave Schreiner

If you have children or if you just live life with a little more “gusto,” you may have to figure out how long glasses should last. What’s a reasonable expectation for durability? The industry standard answer is two to three years, more if you care for them. With kids and rough adults, it can be more like six months or a year, more than fast enough to strain your insurance and your budget. Zenni frames offer a mixed blessing in that department, because on the one hand, they are some of the best glasses in the industry, so they benefit from superior durability. But on the other, they are very cool, so there’s no way you or your child won’t want to wear them all the time, until they get worn out.

So how do you care for some sweet pink hipster glasses or a nice pair of neon frames? With children, the two main places glasses start to wear out are around the hinge and on the lenses. You can buff out shallow lens scratches with sun screen, f they are on a protective outer coating. Try baking soda and toothpaste for deeper scratches and you’ll have the lenses looking as clear as new. For small cracks around the hinge, you can apply a thing coating of super glue into and around the crack itself to reduce the rate at which it grows and get more life from your frames.

But what if you’re just not interested in preserving worn out frames? You can always replace the broken pieces, albeit with some help from a glasses repair shop. This works especially well with our more colorful frames, because the sharp contrast between new and old pieces will look deliberate.

If you or your children put a beating on glasses, you have a few options. You can just replace them, in which case our newest and brightest will be perfect for you (and we can’t recommend them enough). Or you can try to maintain and upkeep them. Either way, Zenni has got the right frames for the job.