Frame Friday Roundup: “Mother’s Day”

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Mother’s Day has comes and gone, but this Frame Friday is about extending Mother’s Day weekend to Monday, because really, isn’t Mom worth it? Whether you’re thinking of your Mom or are a mother yourself, it’s time for something special. Our awesome frames are the perfect way to switch up your glasses and treat yourself with an infusion of fun, comfort, and dynamic style that you can put on every day. Don’t you deserve to see a new smile on your face in the mirror on the way out every morning?

Mother’s Day is about honoring mothers for the other 364 days of hard work and self sacrifice that they put in every year. When you thank a Mother, you should probably do something for them to make that thank you meaningful and help make their life easier. That’s absolutely what a better pair of frames does. When your MomĀ (or you) likes the way she looks in the only accessory that she wears every day, the rest getting ready and feeling good gets much easier.

The advantage of glasses you love might not be obvious, especially for hardworking Moms who are used to sacrificing. But it’s pretty simple; when you wear something every day, and on your face no less, it has an impact on how you look in the mirror and thus how you perceive yourself. So take the time to tell your Mom that she deserves glasses she feels good in and she’ll be grateful.

Choosing the right glasses and frames is a matter of personal taste. But with Zenni and the awesome choices you can find every Frame Friday, you know you’ll see something that suites your tastes. And if you’re still trying to find the right Mother’s Day gift for your Mom in glasses, maybe just casually leave this page open and see what she says. There’s no chance she won’t find something to love.