“Frame Friday” Roundup: Preparing for Thankfulness

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Last week was just a prelude to all the splendor of the holiday we get to enjoy in the United States next week; Thanksgiving is the holiday most of us love, and the theme of being thankful is perfectly relevant for those of us who wear glasses.

Think of all the things we all have to be thankful for, especially those of us dealing with vision problems: free and affordable access to these incredibly attractive glasses, healthy vision that requires only minor vision aids to be fully functional, and the funds to purchase glasses to go with our ever-changing fashion sense.

The vision benefits of good glasses lead to their own list of reasons for thankfulness. Most importantly, the ability to work, enjoy family time, and prepare delicious Thanksgiving food to share with loved ones and friends. If you are going to be reveling in these advantages of modern science next Thursday, you can take a moment to express another note of gratitude, this one slightly less serious, for the fun of stylish, attractive glasses.

As the holiday season begins and we all decide to head out for a movie after the meal, to take advantage of Black Friday, or to travel across the globe to be with family, Zenni Optical invites all our customers t join us and take a moment to think about everything that makes us feel grateful, from the trite and exciting – like a nice pair of glasses to match your favorite coat – to the most important things in the world.