“Frame Friday” Roundup: Resolve to Treat Your Face Better

  • BY Dave Schreiner

With the Christmas and Hanukkah behind us, we’ve only got one winter holiday left. If you still haven’t made your resolutions for this New Year’s Eve, you might want to consider a pledge to treat your eyes and face better this coming year, including by getting a new pair of glasses.

People often abuse their faces and eyes without realizing it, simply by not caring for them properly. Between makeup, air pollution, staring at computer screens, diet, and harsh facial soaps and cleansers, there are a number of harmful things we do every day. Start by eliminating unnecessary fats, salts, and sugars from your diet and your face and eye health will improve significantly.

You can improve the way you treat your face beyond your diet by using more gentle face soaps, makeup, lotion, and sunscreen. Of course, just using sunscreen on your face regularly is a great first step. Similarly, if you give your eyes a bit more rest by taking regular breaks will help keep your eyes moist and healthy. Simple changes like these are a great way to stick to a resolution to treat your face, eyes, and the rest of your body better.

Glasses are a fine compliment to all these changes, as they offer a fine accent to your face and eyes. As long as you’re making a number of health-conscious adjustments to your life to benefit your eyes, you should also pick a new pair of glasses that matches your face shape and complexion so you can completely adhere to your New Year’s Resolution.