“Frame Friday” Roundup: Seeing Clearly

  • BY Dave Schreiner

August is national eye exam month, and it’s one of the best times of the year to pay attention to your eyes and give them the care and new glasses they deserve. If you want to see clearly now and safeguard the health of your vision in the future, it’s important to get regular checkups and replace your old frames with new glasses that are right for your eyes.

That has the added benefit of meaning you get to pick up some sweet new glasses for yourself or your child. There’s nothing like improving your vision so you can better appreciate your colorful new visage, and just in time for the school year.

This also makes it an especially important time to pay attention to the eye-health of children with glasses, because back in school they spend a lot of time focusing on small print and the blackboard, so they need proper eye wear. If you take the time to schedule an eye exam for your child, you will be more able to provide them with the right prescription and learn about any other health problems that doctors can diagnose based on the eyes.

Although we like to point out that getting an eye exam and tending to eye health is the perfect opportunity for fun, stylish new glasses for you or your child, it is a very serious matter. Regular eye exams are an essential part of proper health monitoring and maintenance, and August is the perfect month to make an appointment if you’ve been remiss about caring for your eyes. Of course, Zenni Optical and our awesome Friday Frames would love to help, providing some of the best glasses for your mental, physical, and optical health.