“Frame Friday” Roundup: Solids and Stripes

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Winter can feel like the fashion doldrums – you wear your same warm clothing and dark coats most days out of necessity. This season, solids and stripes have claimed a place of supremacy in the fashion world and they offer the perfect remedy to a dreary winter wardrobe. And several of Zenni Optical’s new glasses make it even easier to incorporate this style into your daily outfits. Take a moment to consider your options now, before winter grows long and dark and you lose the motivation to spice up your attire.

These two options represent the most common takes on solids and stripes. On the left, basic black and white stripes offer a dynamic take on classic style, combining retro frames with just enough pattern to be energetic without being distracting. On the right,solid black two-tones it up with solid blue, creating a foundation for your face with a splash of trendy color. Both options are versatile and exciting for men and women across a range of styles of dress. They calmly suggest, “don’t waste the fashion space on your face this winter.”

The most common way you’ll see stripes and solids used in contemporary fashion is in garments or outfits that combine two bold pieces, one with each “pattern.” Especially in women’s clothing, this trend has filtered through from the highest levels of fashion down to the most basic, budget-friendly retailers. But in glasses, it’s another story. Simultaneously appropriate for men and women and subtly clever, stripes and solid glasses take the trend to a different, more individualized place.

With the right glasses, you can help make your daily routine a little more interesting and less gloomy, the perfect way to make it through the home stretch to a few well-deserved days off this holiday season.