“Frame Friday” Roundup: Summer Solistice

  • BY Dave Schreiner

It’s June 21st, the longest day of the year and the Summer Solstice. Today there is more sunlight than on any other day, and it’s the glorious official beginning of Summer. If you don’t want to miss it, you better check out these spicy new glasses and frames from Zenni. They’re sure to keep up with the season’s heat, whether you’re dancing at a solstice celebration, cooling down by the pool, or sneaking off for a long lunch in the shade.

One of the most incredible things about the solstice and summer in general is that it stays light until so late. Whether you live in the the near-tropics of Miami or up north as far as Maine, you can appreciate how different it is when the sun sets at 8:45 compared to the 4:30 PM darkness of winter. This means a few things: more time to see things in vibrant color, more people walking around with their heads up to look and enjoy the light, and more chances for your face to stand out with a new pair of glasses like these.

You might wonder why a new pair of frames is such a perfect compliment to the official beginning of Summer. There’s something about investing in yourself and how you look, and metaphorically changing how you see the world – because you’re changing the glasses, the physical lenses through which you view – that just makes sense. Kids are staying out to play later because of the extra light. People are getting home from work well before sunset, with time left over to go enjoy a meal outside. And you are taking the time to look just a little bit better, to see more clearly.

Don’t let summer rush off without you this year. The next snow ball or snow cone or shave’ ice you eat will taste even better when you’ve got the new glasses to match the way you feel. And unlike the Summer Solstice, you new glasses are something you can enjoy every day this summer. Great glasses and summer – has anything ever made more sense!