“Frame Friday” Roundup: Sunglasses in Winter?

  • BY Dave Schreiner

Don’t let last week’s post about Indian Summer fool you, winter is coming. From the weather reports about record lows primed to sweep across the Northeast and Midwest, many of you already know. But that doesn’t mean we can forget about using a stylish pair of glasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Yep, as real fall begins and winter looms, it’s time to think about sunglasses in winter.

Start with the silly reasons people might initially think sunglasses are unnecessary once fall comes around: it’s only light for a few hours a day if you live far enough north; nobody lifts their faces up out of their scarves to see the sun anyway; the sun is weaker in the winter which is why it’s cold (this is false, especially in terms of UV rays); or they just look bad with winter outfits.

Now throw all that out. UV rays are a problem for your longterm eye health even when it’s cloudy, even if there are fewer daylight hours depending on how much time you spend outdoors. This is true no matter how cold it is and regardless of what you’re doing outside.

However, they can contribute significantly to your comfort and image. Not only do sunglasses keep the sun and its UV rays out of your eyes all winter, they can help block some wind, and if you choose the right specs for your style, provide a valuable accent to emphasize the natural attractiveness of your face and the clothes you choose.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can only wear black sunglasses this winter. Unless you’re a member of ZZ Top and thus place a disproportionate emphasis on the importance of dark sunglasses, you should consider a wider array of colors and patterns. From colored tortoise to green and blue to an array of brighter hues, the range of colors that can look awesome while shielding your eyes is only as narrow as you want to imagine it.

Sunglasses and winter: they go together like bananas and fluff. While perhaps a seemingly odd pair, when you try them together you’ll realize what you’ve been missing, and your eye will thank you.