“Frame Friday” Roundup: The Hippest Smarts

  • BY Dave Schreiner

May 18 is International Museum Day, making now the perfect time to head over to your local museum and brush up on your culture. And there’s no reason your glasses shouldn’t help you polish your look while you do, lending hip style and an air of refined intelligence. Throw on a pair of these sophisticated frames and you’ll find yourself agreeing that “Yes, that Manet is a thrilling study of the enthralling color and light present in nature.”

That’s the thing about great frames. They do more than transform your outward appearance; they can also change the way you see yourself and thus the way you think. As you stroll the galleries or walk your children through the exhibit on Medieval swords you might even discover that you are grateful for International Museum Day and the excuse to soak it in. Then you might enjoy further musings about how you ended up so cool. And worst of all, if you see yourself in your stylish new frames, you’ll probably have to agree with yourself that yes, you do look good.

After all, you can’t deny that with frames this good at flirting with the lines between established-cool, cutting edge, retro, and not trying too hard, you should feel as attractive as you look. There’s another advantage to wearing a new pair of hip glasses to the museum – you can see better to appreciate the exhibits more thoroughly.

Why not spend this year’s International Museum Day enjoying the culture and intellectual stimulation of a great museum while giving everyone else something nice to look at – you and your hip new glasses!