“Frame Friday” Roundup: What’s a Cornucopia?

  • BY Dave Schreiner

For starters, this selection of colorful glasses in a range of styles and fantastic colors – it is the definition of a cornucopia. Well actually, the definition of a cornucopia has to do with a symbol of abundance and plenty, more specifically a decoration that has come to be associated with Thanksgiving and more generally the harvest season. The United States is a country founded on farming and the fall harvest, and that makes now the perfect time for our abundance of high-quality glasses, whether you need help with your vision preparing a harvest meal or just need some new specs.

A typical cornucopia is a hollow, horn-shaped wicker basket, often filled with seasonal foods such as vegetables, fruit, and perhaps even pheasant. If amassing delicious foods for a table setting isn’t interesting, you can demonstrate your seasonal appreciation for abundance with some colorful specs. Brown, green, orange, black, white, and even pink can be appropriate fashion statements if they fit your style and your needs.

The thing about the Zenni Optics cornucopia of glasses is that most people only own one pair at a time. You probably aren’t going to amass a collection of glasses, but there’s no reason you can’t select the right frames to give yourself the warm glow of other types of plenty, such as plenty of happiness, confidence, and charm. It’s as easy as picking the right facial accessories for your tastes and face shape.

Of course, trends change. If staying hip and fashionable is a priority, you might want to spend a little more time poring over our inventory. We have several different types of frame shapes in a wide range of colors and materials to meet your exact desires. You might even call it a cornucopia of glasses.