“Frame Friday” Roundup: What’s a Polar Vortex?

  • BY Dave Schreiner

This past week some terrible, apocalypse-esque weather struck much of the Midwest and East Coast, ushered in by some bizarre Canadian weather thing called a “Polar Vortex.”  One thing you may have noticed about all the freezing news anchors discussing the impact of the snow and ice storm was none of them had ugly glasses.

That’s right. They weren’t fashion-unprepared for a winter-doomsday, and neither should you be. Sure, it’s important to stock up on things like bottled water, easy-to-cook food, candles and flashlights, and alternate fuel sources in the event of a really bad storm or worse. But you also can’t forget to sock away a few pairs of very attractive glasses in you prescription.

In all seriousness, if you live in a place that experiences severe storms of any variety, be they winter snow, spring rain, fall hurricanes or tornadoes, or summer wildfires (or earthquakes out on the West coast), you should have a disaster kit ready to go. And if you wear corrective lenses of any sort, your kit should included a pair of glasses. You probably won’t need to look perfectly coiffed on the news for a live-action report (but you might!) but having a backup pair to help you see well can be essential. This is especially true if you use contacts, because you might find yourself unable to keep them clean for a while.

If this whole polar vortex ordeal taught us one thing, it’s probably that winter storms can be super intense and make the outdoors look like a frozen movie set. But if they taught us a second thing, it’s that a pair of glasses that can weather any storm and look good doing it are a great resource to have.