“Frame Friday” Roundup: Woooooah – The Year of the Wooden Horse

  • BY Dave Schreiner

The year of the wooden horse is upon us. Before you go read about Chinese Zodiac signs and the importance of the five prime elements, take a moment to contemplate the natural beauty of these glasses, inspired by the most generous of elements.

There are two important aspects of this year for you to understand from the perspective of the Zodiac calendar: the horse part and the wooden part. Of course, you should think of them as one unified influence on the year as opposed to two separate components. This combination primarily has a strong impact on the personality of babies born during this year, but has a number of other meanings as well. For example, wooden horse years are typically best for those who are “ready for a thrilling year.”

Those born under the element of wood are said to be generous, to strictly adhere to their sense of ethical behavior, to be persuasive explorers, and to show diligent commitment to their work. However, they tend to be passive, to depend overly on others, and to be inhibited, easily losing themselves in the crowd. Fortunately, they can just don one of these fine pairs of glasses as a simple first step to maintaining a stronger sense of (a very stylish) self.

Horses are known to be strong-willed, unbridled, and charming, as well as intelligent. However, wooden horses are the most reasonable horses. Unsurprisingly, they thrive when given independence and space. In other words, they (and their parents) may have a number of reasons to enjoy the fun and individualism of a pair of wooden frames.