“Frame Friday” Roundup: The Kids Are Home

  • BY Dave Schreiner

As we near the middle of June, you should start seeing more children tearing across town and having a good time. By the end of the month, every school that lets out for the Summer will have done so, and if you want to keep up with the times, a new pair of glasses might be just the thing.

We all remember that Alice Cooper song that, honestly, some of us still play too loud the first time it’s really warm, despite the way everyone under 20 looks at us sideways as we shout “School’s out for Summer!” That feeling of boundless opportunity, freedom, and the excitement that comes with Summer vacation can be infectious, whether you have kids of your own or not. Even when we’re stuck in an office all day, we still find time to cut out for a long lunch, and a shiny new set of frames is a great way to embrace that celebration of freedom.

And if you do have kids, you’re going to have to keep your head on a swivel, from rambunctious children and their ne’er-do-well friends to mild-mannered readers to the ones that are kept busy all season with a range of healthy activities, children demand a bit more energy from parents once they’re out for summer. Do you want to be the one caught with glasses that not only look out-of-date but are actually held together with tape and boredom as you fight to keep up? Me neither.

From the practical and comfortable to the cool and versatile to the trendy and hip – if it’s a pair of glasses that you might want, we’ve got it. Thanks to another Frame Friday for a Summer saved. See better, look better, love summer.