“Frame Friday(Monday)” Roundup: That Holiday Sweater Style

  • BY Dave Schreiner

One of the best things about the holiday season is the appropriately festive and … unique sweaters. If you’re going to an ugly sweater party and want to stand out from all the crocheted reindeer, perhaps an equally quirky pair of glasses is in order.

Unique, unpopular, and yes, sometimes downright odd style is the name of the game this season. That’s what all these glasses and frames offer. Embrace them and stand confident as Macklemore shouting “sweater game, nope, ya’ll can’t copy,” only for you it’ll be the sweater-glasses combo that’s doing work.

What is it that draws us to these kinds of aesthetics? Why do hipters love their grandparents’ hand-me-down sweaters, horrendously out of style, crass, and tacky? It’s all about breaking the mold and expressing yourself.

They say the clothes make the (wo)man. But in the case of glasses and sweaters like these, it’s the other way around. People who love to put together an unconventional ensemble of clothing and accessories in order to do something slightly different, more original, and less “cookie-cutter” are making the clothes; they take something unwanted, combine it with something old and a shiny new pair of day-glo glasses and combine them into that essential, ineffable quality: style.

Don’t be fooled. There are always those who will try to brand and box the newest wave of individuality, turning it into another marketable and homogenizing trend.  If that’s not for you, your only option is to continually find new ugly sweaters, or whatever else there is that interests you, and make them your own.

A holiday ugly sweater party is a great occasion to don something funny that you wouldn’t otherwise wear and catch up with friends. But if you find that kind of look appealing even when there isn’t a party for an excuse, consider this exceptional selection of glasses from Zenni. Maybe they’ll help you make your mark and express yourself just a bit more through your day-to-day accessories.