Boost Your Video Game Experience with Gaming Glasses

  • BY Matt Souza

video game glasses


There are all sorts of video games out there. Whether you’re a console gamer or part of the pc master race, it’s likely you’re parked in front of a screen, eyes glued to your game for hours on end. Sadly, this can lead to some adverse effects for your eye health and gameplay.

The good news is that gaming glasses with Zenni Blokz can help with both, keeping you less concentrated on your eyes and more focused on your game.

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

All those digital devices screens emit high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. (To read more about HEV blue light and its effects on eyes, visit our recent post on blue blockers.) Too much of that artificial light exposure can disrupt sleep, cause eye strain, and, over time, damage the eyes. Yet, we’re using screens more than ever. Teens spend an average of 6.5 hours each day on screens, and those in the workforce often spend eight hours-plus in front of a computer — which doesn’t include the amount of time on smartphones, tablets, and television away from work.

Just as you’d wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from damaging UV light from the sun, the lenses used for gaming glasses can help reduce blue-light glare from devices – while still offering protection from other UV light as well!

This means video game glasses can keep you playing longer while reducing the negative effects of blue light, also reducing the likelihood of headaches, eye strain, and dry eye that comes with staring at objects on a screen for too long.

So … Do Video Game Glasses Really Work?

Yes, they actually work quite well. Studies have shown that filtering or diffusing blue light can prevent harm to your eyes over time.

In addition to eye strain, recent studies have shown that blue light can have negative effects on your sleep patterns, and recommend wearing blue blocking lenses to combat this – specifically at night time. A similar study tested gaming glasses on teenagers, and found that they did in fact “impede the negative effects modern lighting” had on the subject’s sleep cycles.

The fact is that gaming glasses are an easy solution to the negative effects of blue light, whether you’re playing a multiplayer Fortnite session or you spend your day racing against the clock in “Mario Kart.”

How To Visually Elevate Your Gaming Experience

With the first game of the e-gaming 2020 League of Championship Series approaching fast, we want to share some knowledge on how to visually elevate your gaming experience. We asked the members of the Golden Guardians esport team for tips on how they keep their vision in prime shape for their gaming sessions in addition to using Zenni Blokz:

1) Healthy sleep schedule – we found this was really important when it came to eye fatigue (which we occasionally measure through some new medical technology)

2) Turning off blue light on cell phones – a lot of new phones has this capability and we encourage our players to use that feature.

3) Using a desktop application “f.lux” that adjusts the color temperature of your computer to sync with the rhythm of the sun, helping prevent late night eye fatigue.

At Zenni, we carry the clearest blue blockers on the market. To learn how to purchase a pair, visit the Zenni Blokz page.

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