Glasses For Gifts: The Eyes Have It This Holiday Season

  • BY Ryan

Eyeglasses can make the perfect present for the difficult to buy for person on your holiday gift list. In the case of non-prescription sunglasses, it can be a surprise, but for prescription glasses, you could get the recipient to pick out his or her dream frames unless you can peak at the prescription details. The two of you could even browse eyeglasses online together with you just participating to foot the bill as an alternative to surprise glasses under the tree. Here are some ideas for giving great glasses gifts this holiday season:

Snow Men (Or Women)

Snowboarding or skiing glasses can be a welcome gift for those sporty people on your list. Sunglasses that cut the glare mean higher visibility and better eye protection outdoors — not to mention looking ultra-cool on the slopes. Consider the recipient’s style and face shape when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses to surprise that skier or boarder. Other clues can be considering his or her skin tone and a celebrity he or she finds stylish. The best part is that the gift of awesome sunglasses can be used come summertime as well.  Fun looks for snow sports sunnies include cool Hollywood styles, sturdy wrap-arounds, glamorous cat-eyes or colorful frames. If you’re going for colored frames, throw in a matching scarf.

Gamers And Geeks

geeky glasses from zenni
Computer glasses are a wonderful idea for video game geeks as well as people who spend a lot of time working online. This eyewear helps prevent eye fatigue that often leads to headaches and dry or irritated eyes. The anti-glare properties of computer glasses make eyes have to strain less to focus which can mean a pain-free online experience versus on uncomfortable one. Yellow or amber lenses are often a feature of these glasses. The color can take some getting used to at first, but most people typically like the result of glare-reduction and the strong color contrast this eyewear still allows. Look for large lenses and a lightweight frame for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Larger lenses in computer glasses put less stress on the eyes and also help enhance peripheral vision.

Book Lovers

Attractive reading glasses along with a book and perhaps a book light or other accessory such as a fun bookmark can make a nice present for book lovers. Or, you could just give a pair of reading glasses with a fabulous case. You’ll need to know the recipient’s prescription power which will be between +1.00 and +4.00. Taking a look inside the frames of their current reading glasses can usually give you the information you need for a surprise eyewear gift. When picking out a frame, consider the shape of their current one and also their face shape and skin tone. Picking a color they love can make the gift extra-fun. Also be sure to keep your gift recipient’s personality in mind when picking out eyewear they’re likely to love. Contemporary, romantic, classy, sporty and creative are just some of the possibilities to guide you.


Protective goggles can be part of a gardening themed gift basket that you put together. Gardening center items such as seeds, tools and gloves can be arranged in an attractive plant pot along with the goggle eyewear. You may want to add a gardening book or two to give your favorite green thumb inspiration for starting new gardening projects in the spring. Look for lightweight, but sturdy shield style, safety glasses. Nose pads can add both comfort and prevent the eyewear from slipping during pruning, potting and other gardening tasks. UV and scratch-resistant coatings are a must and you may want to add tinted lenses for sunny days.