Glasses For Mother’s Day?

  • BY Zenni Optical

Mother’s Day — first officially celebrated within the U.S. in 1913 — is a holiday that gives us an opportunity to celebrate our mothers and all they’ve done for us.

If you’re at a loss for a special gift to show your mother how much you care, why not consider diversifying her glasses wardrobe. Make it part of the day’s celebrations, or surprise her with ones you personally picked out with care. Even if she doesn’t need prescription glasses, sunglasses or plain-glass ones are still a way to add an extra touch to an outfit or outfits.

To make a selection of frames that will highlight your mother’s best attributes or even transmute hidden ones, consider the following guidelines. Select frames that compliment the shape of her eyes as well as the rest of her face. As for the color palette of the frames, pick shades of colors that compliment your mother’s skin tone, hair color, and/or enhances the color of her eyes. Also keep in mind what she will be wearing with each pair (including any jewelry), the makeup she wears and where she will be seen wearing them.

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, take the time to make your mother feel beautiful. As President Obama stated in the presidential proclamation issued on May 11, 2012: “Mothers are cornerstones of our families and our communities. On Mother’s Day, we honor the remarkable women who strive and sacrifice every day to ensure their children have every opportunity to pursue their dreams.”