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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or desperately need to have your eyes check, you’ve probably noticed signs that Halloween is rapidly approaching. Store employees have been loading the candy aisles with bags of “fun size” treats, while It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown makes its rounds on various television networks. As the days get shorter and the air more brisk, we prepare ourselves for a holiday of scary Jack ‘O Lanterns, bobbing for applies, cider and costumed trick-or-treaters knocking on our doors.



The origins of Halloween are somewhat murky, given its timing, which usually coincides with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Samhain celebrated the end of summer with bonfires and feasting, as people prepared their families and livestock for the winter months. Halloween also coincides with the Christian All Souls Day on November 1st. Both holidays placed an emphasis on the dead, either by praying for their souls or by providing a welcome to the dead who might come back to visit their old homes. It makes sense, however, that Halloween would involve traditions and lore from both holidays.


Celebration in the United States

The United States’ earliest Puritan settlers opposed the celebration of Halloween, so it wasn’t until the 19th century, when Irish immigration ramped up, that the holiday became a bit deal. In fact, Halloween celebrations in the United States are such a big deal that some savvy retailers open “Halloween Shops” in empty storefronts each September. These shops stock costumes, candy and party/lawn decorations.

Despite persistent (and untrue) rumors of tainted candy, many children participate in trick or treating, by dressing in costume and visiting houses in their neighborhood to ask for candy. Adults and children alike enjoy carving pumpkins and attending costume parties.


Celebrate Halloween With Zenni

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