How To Easily Order Your Prescription Glasses As Sunglasses

  • BY Ryan

It’s the end of Memorial Day weekend and many of us are starting to anticipate — and prepare for — summer. Ordering prescription glasses as sunglasses is an excellent way to start planning for the warm weather season ahead so that we can get the most out of summer prescription eyewear time-wise and enjoyment-wise too. With all of the popular prescription sunglasses options that Zenni offers at amazing prices, we understand that it may be a little daunting for some to just dig and in and make a choice between the different styles of sunshades, or whether to opt for transition or colored lenses. This post aims to offer a quick guide to help you discover your best option for prescription sunglasses and how to order your favorite combination very inexpensively and completely hassle-free:


Sunglasses Tinting

* One option of creating your own sunglasses is to pick almost any Zenni frame your heart desires and add an 80% tint for only $4.95


*Specify the tint color you want when ordering your prescription sunglasses. Gray in an 80% tint is recommended for effective glare reduction in general purpose sunglasses.


*80% is the darkest tint available. Zenni also has 50% and 10% tinting options, but these should only be used for fashion (pink, purple, blue …) or computer/video game eyewear (yellow)  and not for sunglasses designed for sun protection. Gray in 80% is great for outdoor activities such as running, cycling and golf.


*If you don’t wish to opt for gray-tinted sunglasses, you could pick amber in an 80% tint which is a good choice for water sports, fishing, cycling and baseball. Green and blue are other sunglasses tinting options Zenni offers. Blue is mainly a fashion color, but in an 80% application, it will reduce some glare. Green-tinted sunglasses in 80% will provide some sharpness when a high contrast is required.


Clip-On Polarized Sunshades

*If you don’t want to pick the above option and order your Zenni eyeglasses permanently tinted into sunglasses, then consider adding  poarized clip-on sunshades to your prescription frame for just $3.95.  A metal clip easily attaches and detaches the sunshades that fit like a perfect cookie cutter cutout of whatever Zenni lenses and frame you choose.


*Your tinted, polarized sunshades — in your choice of gray or amber 80% tint — fit perfectly onto the frames for a neat look.


*Polarized sunglasses differ from regular sunglasses in that they contain extra light-blocking qualities that reduce glare off of surfaces such as water, sand and windshields. They are ideal for driving, boating, fishing and hiking.


Magnetic Polarized Sunshades

*If a super-fast change from your regular prescription glasses to sunglasses is a priority for you, opt for magnetic sunshades. You simply hold the polarized sunshade –made perfectly in the shape of the front of your frame and lenses — up to the glasses and the sunshade magnetically pulls on and stays in place until you remove it.


*Magnetic polarized sunshades can be added to most Zenni prescription eyewear and are available in gray or amber sunglasses tints from $19.00.


*Polarized lenses do not automatically darken from bright to low light conditions.


Photochromic Or Transistions Lenses

*If you want sunglasses that automatically transition to adjust in different light conditions, you can opt for photochromic or transitions lenses.


*Transitions do not work inside vehicles and may not be the best choice for constant overcast conditions or hiking in high canopy forested areas. If you’ll be moving through a variety of light conditions though, transitions can be the perfect choice.  Transitions can also be brought along on a trip or vacation and serve as a second pair in case standard or polarized sunglasses get damaged or lost.


For Example: Zenni 584521 $25.95

Click on the Zenni 584521, medium-small fit, black metal alloy frame image above to look at the product details. This frame comes with polarized magnetic sunshades. (Yes — a prescription pair of glasses plus the magnetically attachable/detachable sunshade all for only $25.95!)


 For Example:  Zenni 883914 $27.95

 If you click on the Zenni 883914 frame image above, you will find a product description that mentions this item comes with a polarized clip on lens. Just follow the Zenni ordering guide — it’s easy to follow! Besides, if you do happen to get stumped when ordering, Zenni’s customer service is ready to help!



Now Order Your Zenni Prescription Sunglasses in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Note your favorite frame choices by browsing the options. You can set the search guide on the left hand side for a focused search. (Just click on either of the example glasses images above to get into the Zenni system.)


2. Try on your picks by using the Zenni Frame Fit feature on the right side of the page. Uploading a photo of your face will allow you to see how the frames you’re most interested in will look on you before you order.


3. When you’re ready to order simply click on “Order” by moving your mouse over the image of the frame you want. Then enter your prescription into the online form. Be sure to include all of the needed details for your prescription sunglasses order.


4.  When you add your order to your shopping cart, don’t forget to check your shipping information and other details to make sure your order is complete. If you need any help, contact Zenni’s customer service by using the “Live Chat” feature at the top of the ordering page.


5. Wait for your Zenni prescription sunglasses to arrive. Then start your summer in style!