How To Get Kristen Stewart’s #1 Best Dressed “Rock Chick” Look

  • BY Ryan

Kristen Stewart is one in-demand actress who rock chicks it out to the max with neutral t-shirts in her own reinvented brand of grunge, but also consisitently glams it up in classy bombshell dresses on the red carpet. For the second time, she’s made Glamour magazine’s 50 Best Dressed Women’s list in the number one spot! Glamour just goes wild for Kristen’s amazing “rock chick style” as they call it. Well, let’s check it out to see what all the fashion fuss is about — while digging up some amazing Zenni glasses similar to the Twilight star’s:

Photo Credit: Cool Spotters


Who knew that an alphabet bra could help you make the best dressed list? Or, that shopping in the men’s department for undershirts means that you just stuff the hem into one pocket to create more of a fit? Let’s face it — the glasses she’s wearing do a lot of good in this outfit! Her gorgeous mane of hair doesn’t hurt either.

Zenni 246421 $19.00

Get Kristen’s look by customizing the Zenni 246421 lookalike frame your way to create stylish sunnies. Clip-on shades are only $3.95 added on to the already low prescription glasses price of just $19.00 for this fashionable, medium-fit, quality frame. (Click on the frame image above for more info.)


Photo Credit: We Heart It / Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher


See — it’s all about Kristen Stewart’s choice of glasses and her stunning reddish mane of hair. Wow! Both emphasize her creamy skin and lips that aren’t overly made up, but done in a very natural shade of light pink.

Zenni A8608421 $22.95

Not only does Zenni have all the cool summer looks in prescription eyewear with various customizable options (clip-on or magnetic sunshade add-ons or transitioning lenses), but there’s a wide range of non-prescription sunnies too.  Have a scan through the Zenni online catalog by using the search box on the right side of any page and scrolling down to select “Wmns NonRx Sunglasses.” (Just click on the sunnies image above to get into the system.)


There are a lot of fabulous non-RX sunnies there that would suit the Kristen Stewart wardrobe of casual-glam, ‘rockster’ (rock star-hipster) pieces. For example, these Zenni A8608421 sunglasses with gradient gray lenses look a lot like Kristen’s $200 shades but for a fraction of the cost!


Photo Credit: 17 Online / Daily Mail


Geek chic is still going strong for 2013 and Stewart struts her stuff looking like she’s headed to math class. This could be one inexpensive casual summer look to put together. Black ankle socks, anyone?

Zenni 286015 $12.95

This Zenni 286015 frame is a new arrival ready for the popularity of the Geek Chic trend this summer. Criss-crossing on the temple arms makes for a unique, arty-preppy effect just right for Kristen’s style. The same frame is also available in black (Zenni 286021), but we like the brown version with Kristen’s frayed-edged, brownish-red shorts.


Photo Credit: Just Jared


“Don’t nickel and dime me” Kristen Stewart’s shirt says. Um, okay, we won’t, but we will save you money on eyewear to be sure. It seems that the “rock chick style” lesson here is novelty saying, baggy black and white sweatshirt, plus black leather jacket, plus long messy hair and square sunglasses equals ready to brave the crowds.

Zenni A8608421 $22.95

Here’s a pair of non-prescription, amber-tinted sunnies just made for a rock chick with class like Kristen Stewart. The squared cat eye shape is glamorous with a cream background that features a unique black line pattern. We love the red tips at the temple arms.

Zenni 767011 $29.95

This hip(ster) to be square frame would make awesome sunglasses either by ordering a sunglasses add-on tint, or a matching clip-on or magnetic sunshade. The stainless steel, full-rim. prescription frame has flexible plastic temple arms and adjustable nose pads for extra comfort.