Interview with A Fashion Nerd

  • BY Matt Souza

CEO, Designer and Blogger, Amy Roiland, knows a thing or two about fashion and how to pull off a chic, modern look that incorporates eyeglasses as an accent piece. Her blog, A Fashion Nerd, is one of our favorites here at Zenni, so we thought we would reach out to see if we could pick her brain a bit and maybe model some of our latest frames. Check out the interview below as well as some of her amazing images from the photo shoot!

Zenni: What is your best eyewear fashion moment?

Amy: Every moment is my best eyewear fashion moment, I wear eyeglasses every single day. The bigger and more crazy the glasses the better for me. I love big round fun eyeglasses.

Zenni: What does wearing glasses mean to you?

Amy: It means the world to me, its my entire character. A fashion nerd embodies me 100%. I am a nerd and I am a nerd for fashion. I wear eyeglasses every day.

Zenni: What trends do you see in eyewear for 2015?

Amy: Crazy fun colorful amazing shapes.

Zenni: What current fashion trends are you embracing?

Amy: I never really follow trends .. But I do love the long trench coats and jackets, that trend is very cute, very alexander wang. I love mixing feminine styles with masculine styles.

For more on Amy, follow her on instagram here!