Interview with Timo Weiland!

Zenni partnered with fashion icon Timo Weiland to act as a creative director for our video announcing the Metro Collection. This new collection is influenced by the function and sophistication of modern American architecture – a theme that resonates beautifully with Timo’s polished, urban streetwear.

We recently caught up with Timo to discover what drives his creative process and interests, as well as get his take on the Zenni eyewear that best accompanies his latest Spring Collection.

The Johnson’s round frame and tortoise shell finish perfectly offset the lines in this cold shoulder top.

Zenni: What was the inspiration behind your Spring Collection?

Timo: An ongoing source of inspiration for us is our creative group of friends in New York. Since we also DJ, there is an ongoing music reference in our designs – mostly local musicians like Julian Casablancas and Mia Moretti.

julian casablancas

Zenni: What ignited your passion for fashion, so to speak?

Timo: As a team, we are more inspired by individuality and personal style more than fashion in general. This diversity of spirit across both men and women is what drives us creatively.

Zenni: How do you categorize your style?

Timo: Updated classics, modern prep.

timo-outfit-3Translucent Van Alen’s are a great complement to this airy, off-the-shoulder tunic and skirt combo.

Zenni: When you’re looking to create a new collection, what colors or patterns do you gravitate towards?

Timo: Blue plays heavily into our color palette each season- in almost a signature way. The reason for this must be that we all grew up by the water for most of our lives!

Zenni: Ascot, necktie or bowtie?

Timo: All three!


Zenni: Which fashion designer would you love to partner with in the future?

Timo: I am a huge fan of what Ralph Lauren has built over the past half century.

timo-outfit-4These blue-speckled Eames glasses perfectly accentuate this elegant knit mini.

Zenni: You mention on your website that the Spring Collection “encompasses a touch of romance.” Can you elaborate?

Timo: There is an ongoing romantic vibe to our brand- mostly because we are all about the intangible elements to life in the city. New York is a constant setting for the dialogue between men and women, whether they’re best friends, lovers, siblings, or a tribe.


Zenni: How many pairs of glasses do you own?

Timo: 17 pairs! I only wear about 5 pairs though.

timo-outfit-5The Van Alen in purple offer a nice contrast to this cut-out sundress from Timo’s Spring Collection

Zenni: The Metro collection is inspired by American architecture. Do you have a favorite architect?

Timo: Philip Johnson- the Glass House is a dream location for us. Alan and I did a DJ performance there last summer for their annual gala.


Zenni: What’s your favorite pair from the Metro Collection?

Timo: The Johnson in tortoise shell! Classic round with a modern twist. The lens options are insanely amazing, too!

timo-outfit-6These Maybeck frames are a tasteful addition to this casual combo.

Zenni: If you could go back in time, in which era would you choose to live?

Timo: The late 1960s and early 1970s are pretty fascinating.

Zenni: In the future, what would you like to see an eyeglass collection inspired by?

Timo: Racing.

timo-outfit-7This layered look goes well with the classic tortoiseshell finished Maybeck.

Zenni: In your opinion, which celebrity do you think has the best eyewear fashion sense?

Timo: Pharrell has a phenomenal sense of overall style and the “Kaiser” Karl Lagerfeld always in shades make a strong case for eyewear life.


Zenni: Are you already thinking about your next collection? If so, can you give us a sneak peak?

Timo: Fall was all about mid-century interiors in and around New York.

Tribeca Loft

Zenni: What’s your top fashion tip for eyeglasses wearers?

Timo: Be bold and own it – don’t shy away from the look you’re after.

timo-outfit-8Highlight this stunning chambray maxi with the understated square Van Alen frames in black.

Zenni: Which accessory do you never leave home without?

Timo: My TW backpack in navy leather & suede.


Zenni: What’s your go-to glasses shape?

Timo: Round modern.

Zenni: Being a DJ, what are some artists that you’re listening to lately?

Timo: Fetty Wap, BØRNS, Robyn, Kesha, Tinashe, and Kendrick Lamar.


Zenni: Is there a spot in New York where you look for inspiration?

Timo: The neighborhood of our new design studio in Greenpoint is pretty inspirational.

Zenni: What’s the hottest spot for the New York fashion scene right now?

Timo: The Blond is pretty sleek- it’s Aby Rosen’s new spot.
timo-outfit-1These bright tortoiseshell glasses playfully pop against this stylish white sweater.

Zenni: Are there any up-and-comers that we should be keeping our eye on?

Timo: Daniella Kallmeyer has a great aesthetic, WHIT has a really cute, fun collection, and Rachel Antonoff is the most adorable human and brand ever. All three are dear friends of mine, but I’d still put them here even if they weren’t!

Saint Louis Fashion Fund Emerging Designer Competition

Zenni: Tell us a little bit how you think eyewear has evolved in fashion in the last few years?

Timo: Eyewear is a natural extension of one’s personality. Sunglasses are always appropriate outside and more and more people are embracing their spectacles rather than relying on Lasik.

Zenni: Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

Timo: Steve McQueen and Pharrell

timo-outfit-9These rectangular Ain frames pair well this cut-out, kimono-inspired dress.

Zenni: How does your everyday romantic life impact your creativity?

Timo: I am a hopeless romantic so this is an ever-present dialogue.

Zenni: Advice for someone trying to break into the fashion scene?

Timo: Be yourself.