The Dallas Cowboys Selling “Jerry Wipes”

  • BY Justin Alvarez

Some products on the market come about after years of lab work, trial and error, and rounds and rounds of tests, while others are the result of freak accidents (i.e. penicillin). However, a few come from the unlikeliest of places; one such product came about at the start of this year’s National Football League season.

That’s just what happened after an incident caught on tape at last week’s Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game went viral. Cameras caught the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hand his eye glasses to his son-in-law, Shy Anderson, so that Anderson could wipe them with a handkerchief. Immediately, the video went viral, and in response Anderson decided to create an eyeglass microfiber cleaning cloth, appropriately named Jerry Wipes, that have been sold through the Cowboys’ website since last Wednesday.

As Anderson told, “I wasn’t in this to make any money,” as all proceeds are going to the Salvation Army’s youth optical unit. Anderson added, “This has gone crazy and I just cleaned my father-in-law’s glasses and it’s taken to the water cooler.”

However, while Anderson is surprised by the response to the product (“I was shocked people are saying, ‘I want one.’”), the incident has resulted in good. “If we make five dollars, it all goes to the Salvation Army. If we make a $1,000, it goes there too.”

Jones’s response to the whole situation? “You’ve got to admit: Who would’ve thought of the eyeglass thing?” he told USA Today. “Ol’ Shy looked down there and said, ‘My God, I never saw anything so dirty.’” And while Jones is more focused on winning a Super Bowl this year, it’s great to see the result of a funny situation go to a good cause. As Anderson told the Dallas Morning News, “It started out as a joke, but let’s see how far we can take it.”