Red Carpet Style For Men 2013

  • BY Ryan

With all of the focus on the women’s gowns for awards such as the 2013 Oscars recently, along with the Grammys, SAG awards and others, we thought we’d given some attention to the men for a change. It used to be that men getting dressed up meant no creativity at all and just the penguin tuxedo look was all they could muster. Sure, maybe they’d wear some favorite cufflinks, but who really notices those? Thankfully, nowadays, men can, and do, add their own style flavor to their red carpet looks such as by mixing in color and/or by wearing awesome eyewear, of course! Here’s a few of our recent favorite red carpet looks for men:

Oscar Opposites Attract

For men’s glasses at the 2013 Academy Awards on February 24, two opposing looks really stood out — dark and heavy vs. light and lightweight. Robert Downey Junior, Jack Nicholson and Christoph Waltz went for the darker look, with Waltz sticking to classic rectangular frames and the other two going for the oversize look. If the truth be told, Nicholson’s glasses were a little too large for him on the sides, but hey, when your image is that intense you can get away with a lot. Alan Arkin, Richard Gere and Robert De Niro all looked awesome in rimless eyeglasses that blended in with their handsome faces. The clean geometric shapes — square for De Niro, oval for Gere and round for Arkin — looked really elegant with their classic suits. As far as thinking outside of the box for men’s Oscar dressing went though, the award goes to Samuel L. Jackson. He creatively mixed¬† tortoiseshell glasses, a silver satin shirt and a dark red, velvet blazer for an overall unique look that somehow worked for him.

Really Rockin’ the Grammys

At the 2013 Grammy Awards held on February 10, there were plenty of creative looks to be found as this award ceremony tends to be less buttoned-up than the Oscars. You’ve got your country stars with their cowboy hats and of course, a lot of rappers and rockers in the house. Skrillex, with his very long, straight black hair, decided to wear the color head to foot, but not toe. He wore awesome, large sunglasses, a long-sleeved zip-front jacket, trousers and clunky footwear all in black, but skipped wearing socks. Ne-Yo, who thankfully didn’t look like an oven-baked potato wearing a sparkly silver blazer, had every detail down pat, from just the right size of neck jewelry over his dress shirt to a jaunty fedora hat. We really liked the way he pushed his trousers up at the bottoms towards his knees like many people do with long-sleeved shirts to their elbows.¬† A pair of dark sunnies finished Ne-Yo’s stylish look. Sean Paul really rocked Grammy Awards dressing with a neatly-combed Mowhawk, large aviators and a large necklace over classic separates in black and soft white.

Always Classy in Classics

Showing that any guy, young or old, of any body type can look amazing in a classic, black suit, matching tie and white dress shirt, Mad Men‘s John Slattery amd Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez looked stunning at the 2013 Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) Awards. At the January 27 event, child actor Rodriguez showcased his great brown eyes in thick, dark rectangular frames, while sexy senior Slattery was all elegance in his classic black rectangular eyewear. Both actors looked so well dressed and handsome.