The Incomparable Neil Patrick Harris

  • BY Ryan

Neil Patrick Harris is a likeable, handsome guy many of us get a kick out of as the womanizing Barney Stinson on the hit CBS sit-com, How I Met Your Mother. Harris is one of the few actors who is openly gay in real life and also plays one of the most woman-chasing “playa” types of straight guys ever seen on our screens (with the possible exception of the 1970s Three’s Company’s used car salesman, Larry Dallas). Recently, NPH attended the Super Bowl and also the Celebrity Beach Bowl.

Here’s Neil at the Celebrity Beach Bowl 2013 held on the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday. We love the large, square sunnies on his handsome, oval face. Lookin’ good NPH!

Harris played for DirectTV with football-diving teammate, Snoop Dogg. Of course, NPH was at the Super Bowl the next day. During the infamous power outage at the game, the How I Met Your Mother star tweeted comments to his fans and he also shared photos of his first time in New Orleans. The pics included a sunrise Mississippi River shot and his shrimp and grits dinner at Restaurant R’Evolution. No wonder the guy has 5 million Twitter followers — he always keeps his fans posted.

By the way, Harris’ ‘Super Bowl date information written on his face’ photo, done much like Tim Tebow’s Bible verses, caused a little controversy, but it was all in good fun since, well, the Super Bowl is about sports after all and not religion — although some seem to take football as seriously.

Also in February, on the 10th, NPH attended the 2013 Grammy Awards with partner, David Burtka. Neil’s a big Kelly Clarkson fan, so he must have been glad that she won Best Pop Vocal Album for Stronger.

Neil’s Personal Style

We really like Neil’s easy going style. He always seem to fit in wherever he goes in a fine line between looking too casual and too pretentious. He usually nails things just right. Apparently, this extends to his family as the fab four, Neil, David and their twins, Harper and Gideon, always seem to look coordinated, yet still unpretentious. The shirt and tie with casual pants look really suits Neil — no pun intended and no suit required.

Really, can there be anything cuter than babies wearing sunglasses? Neil and David are sure to protect little Gideon and Harper with sunnies, hats and life jackets. The twins were 8 months old on the family’s St. Tropez vacation with Elton John, his hubby, David, and their son, Zachary.

Celebrity Survivor?

Recent rumors about a Celebrity Survivor have been drifting about. Wouldn’t Neil Patrick Harris make a completely adorable castaway? NPH recently told a thrilled Jeff Probst that he wants to do the show, so we’ll have to wait and see on that. We think Harris would do pretty well, so hopefully Celebrity Survivor will actually happen. We have Celebrity Apprentice, but it’s all New York pampering. Will other celebs have the guts to rough it in some tropical non-paradise? At least we know NPH will.