The Joy of Vision & Variety by Danae Lowe

My journey started like many others – at the optometrist’s office, where I was prescribed my first pair of glasses. At the time, my selection was limited, and I found comfort in the familiar black rectangle or square frames that became my go-to choice for several years. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my eyewear adventure.

It wasn’t until I discovered Zenni that I truly began to explore the world of eyewear. The affordable prices and vast selection allowed me to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank. Slowly, I started deviating from the monotonous black frames and began to incorporate more colors and shapes into my collection. Zenni became my gateway to a more diverse and exciting eyewear wardrobe.

Three years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to join the Zenni team. Working for a company dedicated to providing affordable and fashionable eyewear ignited my passion even further. Surrounded by endless options and styles, I found myself experimenting with frames I had never considered before.

Today, my collection reflects not only my evolving tastes but also draws inspiration from various sources. Movie eyewear has played a significant role in shaping my choices, with iconic frames from films influencing many of my purchases. I’ve also found inspiration in different fashion eras, particularly the 70s, with its bold and unique styles leaving a lasting impact on my collection.

With over 25 pairs of glasses, each day presents a new opportunity to express myself through my eyewear choices. I’ve become attuned to the way different frames complement various outfits, moods, and occasions. Whether it’s a classic pair for a professional setting or a bold, colorful choice for a casual day out, my eyewear has become an extension of my personality. To showcase my growing collection, I use a fun hanging glasses organizer. This fun and quirky storage solution allows me to easily pick a “pair of the day” and keep my glasses scratch-free while adding a pop of color to my home office. It’s like having my own mini eyewear boutique at home.

My eyewear journey has been a transformative experience, turning a once mundane necessity into a thrilling exploration of personal style. From the early days of black rectangles to the eclectic mix of frames that now adorn my collection, each pair tells a story of self-discovery and expression. As I continue to draw inspiration from movies, fashion, and different eras, my eyewear journey remains an ever-evolving adventure, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.