Tortoiseshell Frames And The Stars Who Love Them

  • BY Lainie Petersen

With the appealing variety of brown tones — everything from rich cocoa to golden tan — tortoiseshell makes for fashionable frames for movie stars and mere mortals alike. There are also lighter and darker versions of the tortoise pattern as well as thick and thin frame styles. Really, we have not met a person yet who can’t carry off some version of tortoiseshell, so try on different colors, patterns and looks to bring out your best tortoise look ever.

Here are some celebs who look absolutely stunning in tortoiseshell eyewear frames:


The Geek Squad


Both Geek Chic glasses and tortoiseshell frames are trending this Fall, so why not combine the two? Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart show us the right way to do it by looking so amazing. As her character Jess Day on New Girl, Deschanel is a trendsetter by making everyone want the darling look of long wavy hair and Oliver Peoples’ tortoise nerd glasses that are oversized and so completely awesome.

Hathway makes dorkdom model perfect as she shows us geek glasses can definitely be worn with the fanciest evening gowns. Lindsay Lohan will probably show us how great tortoishell nerd eyewear looks with an orange jumpsuit, but we can count on Jennifer Aniston to wear her geek glasses in public as she is prone to do.


Earlier this month, amidst her Robert Pattinson scandal, Kristen Stewart was photographed at airport security wearing geeky tortoiseshell glasses, jeans and the same white ‘Irie’ emblazoned t-shirt R-Patz was seen wearing months before. It should be a crime to look as wonderfully casual as Kristen did in a baggy guys’ t-shirt and her hair all long and messy. Bravo!


Round And Round We Go


Round tortoiseshell frames tend to look intellectual, stylish and unique all at once. They also suit many face shapes — except round as there can be just a bit too much roundness accentuated. Will.I.Am, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and NBA fave, Russell Westbrook, all carry off round tortoise eyewear fabulously.

Will.I.Am has metal accents on his tortoiseshell frames, while one of our favorite looks for Julia Roberts is her thin-edged tortoise glasses worn with her hair blonde and long. The intensity of circular patterned frames gives Johnny Depp’s darkly intense eyes a run for their money, while Russell Westbrook pairs the dramatic type of eyewear with equally eye-catching animal print shirts.


What’s Your Angle?


Some folks just really look perfect in the classic, rectangular browline style of glasses. Justin Timberlake is literally the poster boy (poster man?) for these and he looks incredible with black tortoiseshell frames starring in a jeans and white t-shirt ensemble. For the women, we have Leona Lewis who pairs bright pink lipstick and dark tortoiseshell frames for a wow! look that makes her stand out (in a good way) anywhere.

For awesome rectangular sunnies with tortoise frames, Zac Efron, in Oliver Peoples’ Wilder is quite the eye candy. The Wilder frames are super classy looking with metal-edged lowers and style-conscious, streaky-patterned tortoise markings on the uppers and sides.


Glamor Girls


Don’t over-sized, Jackie O style, tortoiseshell sunglasses just shout out “Hey, I’m glamorous?” We think so, and so must Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and many other female celebs whose last names end in ‘A.’

Also loving the appeal of big tortoise sunnies are Heidi Klum, who’s been spotted wearing Ralph Lauren eyewear and Katie Holmes, donning Dolce and Gabbana tortoiseshell frames.